How do I disable the ACPI in XP?


I had been playing Medal of Honor game with no problems... Due to other circumstances I had to re-load Windows XP. Now my games crash after about five minutes. Replaced sound card with newer Santa Cruz by turtle beach. Have radeon 7000 video.. My system shows that the sound and video cards share the same IRQ-16. I thinks there's a conflict. The game notes say that I might have to disable the ACPI and set the IRQ manually. Is this the problem? How do I disable the ACPI in XP. My motherboard is a gigabyte GA-8IEX, P4 Titan 533 ( 845E). It was working so good before......

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This question was answered on March 21, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

(APCI) computers will allow several devices to share one (IRQ settings) in Windows XP Although this will conserve interrupts, in some cases it may decrease the performance

of devices If your sound card is sharing an interrupt with several other

devices, you may experience poor audio playback or computer lock-ups this is what is probably causing your problems

If your mainboard supports ACPI, follow these steps to confirm if this is


- Start > Settings > Control Panel > System

- Click the Hardware tab

- Click the Device Manager tab

- Click View on the menu bar

- Select Devices by Type

- In the list of Device types, double-click Computer

If your computer is ACPI enabled, it will be identified as one of the


If ACPI does not properly allocate resources, you may want to disable ACPI.

When ACPI is disabled, Win 2k/XP will use support for Standard PC This

allows more user control over resource allocation

1 First disable the ACPI on the mainboard This option is typically found

in the BIOS setup, consult your documentation for assistance Next,

switch Windows from ACPI to Standard PC support, you will need to reinstall

Win 2k/XP with the 'Repair option'

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Posted by Ileen of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 21, 2003