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Problem: Dell 8200 1.8Ghz, 256 MB Ram, Windows XP Home Edition. For the last 2 weeks, it takes up to 2 hours for my taskbar to become functional. Programs from desktop shortcuts generally work but very slowly and I often run out of memory and get IOCTL errors. A review of Task Manager Processes shows the Image Name "System" running between 30-80% CPU Usage for the full 2 hours and Performance at a virtually constant 100%. Even after "System" finally processes at 0% CPU usage (30 minutes minimum) which then allows the CPU to run at a normal 0-5%, opening any program causes Performance to immediately utilize 100% of the CPU for some time. As I recently cured a similar problem by uninstalling RealPlayer after diagnosing a 99% CPU usage by a RealPlayer file called "evntsvc.exe", I am familiar with this diagnosis.

Attempted Cures: So...I looked at my Windows System32 folder and found, incredibly, a copy of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"!!! This was all I could find that I knew was improper. I deleted all copies of the movie and believe it helped a little but the problem continues. I have also uninstalled all unused software, run fix disk (all well), Disk Cleanup, Defragmenter, reloaded Windows XP and run the 12 hour ResourceCD full Diagnostics (all passed).

The only changes immediately prior to this problem were 1) Change from Quest DSL to Cox Cable (I am the child computer-new cox.net email soon but will continue to monitor Juno-the parent and network, when I can get up, work fine) and 2) AVG antivirus killed a virus named "Dialer". Did this virus (or worm) put files in "System" that open slowly and take too much memory? Is there a way to find out what should and should not be in Windows System32 folder? Are there any other diagnostic or surgical tools I can use?


This question was answered on March 25, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You need more memory space You either need to delete a lot of files or, Reformat hard drive or run disk clean up.

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Posted by Natalia of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 25, 2003