This is a repeat question because the answer didn't work.

For some reason I can no longer access the Adobe site ( I am using Proxomitron, but I took it off, and I still can't get to Adobe's home page. I have a laptop with the same software except OS (it has ME), and it logs on with no problems using the same phone line, internet provider, etc. I looked at every setting I could think of, and they look the same. Any suggestions?

The answer was: On your tool bar click Tools, select internet options, select privacy and click edit to override cookie handling for websites. the idea is to enable cookies so you can view websites.

I have tried many things. Even reinstalling the browser (EI 6). I even tried using Netscape, and the same thing happens. I have run Norton Antivirus 2003 several times, and SpyBot Search & Destroy. Why I can access 99% of the web sites, and not the other 1% makes no sense to me. Both browsers come up with a similar message like couldn't connect to...

The site may be busy or the web server may be down.

I there a place to comment on answers, or do I need to write a new question if the solution doesn't work?

Thanks, Harley


This question was answered on March 25, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

For most part the server might be down or under maintenance You should keep trying, if all fails make sure your browser is online and not offline.

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Posted by jose of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 25, 2003