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Themachines problem is when it prints something, anything at all really, the video screen (monitor) goes blank and then comes back on. This happens within an hour of her cold boot and after this starts happening, it goes on every minute there after. She turns off the PC in fear that it will destroy ANOHTER monitor. Yes this has killed one monitor already. RMA'd to the factory.

I've upgraded the Direct X to 9.0, the video is upgraded to the latest version, (the ATI 7000 64 MB Sram ) her Windows XP updates are current for her applications.

I've removed any cables from anything that would have interfeared with the process of the printer, IE: the two cd-roms ( 1 burner +1 reader ) and the floppy cables, all power cables that aren't needed have been unplugged from the drives. I brought her printer to my house and it prints with no problems on my Win98 SE machine.

The tech who built this machine has seen no problems at his shop. Yet he hasn't tried to print anything from it. The unit ran at my house all day, but I didn't print anything from it. During both of these tests the screen stayed up all day, no blanking out at all. No other accessories where used either.

It doesn't happen when buring CD's or viewing on-line media, websites, etc.

My question is in a nut shell this. Could a problem with the Motherboards printer circutry have developed. The Tech says he will try to RMA the board! This problem ONLY happens when she is using her machine and decides to print something after the machine has been on for a short while or (Depending on her needs) after its been on at least an hour and she goes to print.

The Printer is an HP 855 C and works well in my home. Using win98. I've replaced her wall socket with a new one (wasn't bad) and tested all her wall sockets with an A/C tester for proper grounding, (ALL PASSED) She has purchased a UPS with line filtering and battery backup as a precaution for her Data files which she uses often. The problem still remains! The process of printing causes the monitor to blank out and then come back on, then does it every minute there after. One more thing I ran the Direct X tests , and all passed video, sound, etc. I hope you can help with this! Thanks


This question was answered on May 14, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Problem maybe caused by a faulty power surge or wall outlet.

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on May 14, 2003