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How to fix this problem


I have been having trouble with my Compaq computer for at least a month. Consulted Windows XP for Dummies. My son found our PCU is 100% full. E mailed Compaq, sent 7 pages of things to do to correct this problem - message "System has recovered from a serious error" during startup, the system was very slow, internet connection took forever and it was difficult to log on and IF you made it on the internet (usually took about 30 minutes of trying) you couldn't log off. You had to unplug the computer to log off. I could not preform the steps they listed to correct these problems. I tried to delete the minidump file and Sysdata.xml file , one of the steps to do, but I couldn't find some of the things they wanted me to click. In the control panel, I could not click the System icon. I gave up on the second page of instructions. Contacted Compaq again, they said "the system freeze issues which you are experiencing is due to a problem with Windows XP operating system". They told me to use the Restore Plus! kit. Employees of Circuit City, where I made the mistake of buying this computer, told me I did not want to do this as it would delete EVERYTHING from the computer. I went to the library, checked out Windows XP for Dummies, and they said I could restore the computer to a certain time period when it worked properly via System Restore. I thought my problems were solved, but I can't go back to a time when the computer worked. That was at least in February. I can only access March. I click the arrow that should bring up the previous month, but it won't respond. Everything is still not up to par, but my main problem is that I cannot access any site I have that requires a password. I can get on CompuServe on the second try, but when I try to access my bank account, renew library items, or refill my Mother's medicine online, I can't. Specifically when I try to access Hotmail when I type in my password and hit connect it tells me the connnection was refused when attempting to contact loginnet. Circuit City told me it was a CompuServe problem. I contacted them by phone today and they talked me through the steps to correct this. Delete files, delete cookies, etc. The system would freeze with the hourglass shaped icon. I don't think the whole process registered with the computer. (It's as if it has "no brains"). I know I have "no brains" when it comes to computers, but I desperately need to correct this problem. My daughter attends IU and she needs to access OnCourse to get notes from her classes. I have taken all programs such as Norton AntiVirus off


This question was answered on April 23, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

This is a very complicated problem the best thing i actually would suggest to you is to use the system restore disk to bring your computer back to its original statice I will not lie to you the restore disk will delete everything on your computer and bring it back to its original statice as of when you first purchased the computer The best thing that you can do is backup all your inportant information on floppy disk or on cd rom and just reupload them when the computers system has been restored You will also have to reinstal the other hardware such as printers, scanners,etc all the other stuff that did not come with the computer This thou will be the best solution to try to fix your computer.

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on April 23, 2003