Can you help me with my internet browser?


This problem seems to reside with my browser, which is "Internet Explorer, version 6.0" while using Windows XP Home Edition.

Often, and I mean often, I find that I get "The Page Cannot be Displayed" where it goes on to tell me to check my Network Settings etc. I know for a fact that there is nothing wrong with the browser, as I can open up "other" sites with no problem.

What I am trying to open is an audio/video file from "Gasket" (perhaps some of you have seen it on thedieselstop) on his 5" exhaust system. is the link, which is basically an audio/video of a 5" exhaust.

There have been many other sites that have given me the same result for some reason. I tried changing my "content" and "privacy" settings, and must have not changed them correctly, as it didn't seem to help, so I put them back to the "default" again.

I'm not sure if it's an actual "word" within the site I'm trying to look at that tells the computer not to open it, (with regard to the privacy or content?) or how it works?

I know I have found that this computer won't open a specificed site, yet I can go to the old computer and it opens with no problem!

Another problem, of which I thought was from my Norton Anti-virus 2003 that on this P4 when you open certain e-mails, it won't open ANY attachments!

It has both me and my wife frustrated, as they will open on the old computer (also running Norton 2003) with Windows 98, but not on this one with XP?

Again, I'm unsure if these problems exist from XP, my browser version, or Norton 2003????

I like the speed of the P4, the room (two 80 Gig hard drives) and 768 Megs of Ram, but these problems have been driving me crazy lately.

Hopefully someone will have some answers...


This question was answered on April 2, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.


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Posted by ricardo of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on April 2, 2003