Any of you ever had this happen to you, or know how to beat this


We have an E-machines computer with windows XP Home Edition. (This is probably like 2 strikes against us. For me, that makes it hard for me to figure out if we have a hardware issue or a software issue. I hate to place all the blame on Windows XP if our "inexpensive" computer has some "issues". My wife has the webshots screensaver & desktop program on this thing, and numerous folks at Boeing where I work have warned me that this litle program has made their computers want to do bad stuff (enlist in the French foreign Legion?? Rob 7-11s? I dunno).

When we go to the My Computer folder , then to C drive, and then to the Windows folder, it all works "normally", except a lot of the files in Windows now have a dollar sign ($) and the word "Uninstall" and a bunch of other gibberish under each file's icon.

Any of you ever had this happen to you, or know how to beat this? My wife says there are other "issues" when she uses Adobe Photoshop, but has a tough time verbalizing the probs?


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Posted by ricardo of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on April 2, 2003