At start up my computer has stopped loading all non-windows device drivers


At start up my computer has stopped loading all non-windows device drivers. For example, when I try to print, a dialogue box tells me that there is no printer driver installed but Control Panel shows the printer is connected. Also, there is no sound and I get a message telling me to install a sound card or driver. The scanner also returns a message saying no driver installed. The video display has large icons and poor resolution (no video driver?) - presumably it has defaulted to VGA

I have made no hardware or software changes to the system to cause this to happen.

I have run the Restore program using a date the precedes the problem but Windows tells me that Restore was unsuccessful because there have not been any changes.

If I start up in interactive mode and tell the computer to load windows drivers then I get the sound back (from the windows sound driver presumably) but the video display is not fixed and the printer and scanner still don't function.

I can reload the printer drivers and have a second version of the same printer which will operate for that session but will not function again after the computer is rebooted.

An error message "..... has caused a problem with kernell32.dll" occurs sometimes.


This question was answered on April 6, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You can try re-installing the drivers for the ones that are not functioning Remove all non working devices from your Device Manager and restart your computer Upon startup your computer will then recognize the hardware that you removed and it will ask you to provide disk or cd for your new hardware found, just follow the wizard and you will be fine after installing all necessary drivers restart your computer and see if you are still having the same problem or error If all fails, then you might want to consider reformating your computer This is optional

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Posted by jose of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on April 6, 2003