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Do you know what the typical system temperature should be? I recently replaced the computer fan my computer came with because it was a little loud, and was wondering if the new fan may not provide adequate air circulation. I checked BIOS, which said the old fan ran at about 3400 RPM and the sytem temperature was around 37 degrees celcius, while the new one runs at around 2000 RPM(and is consequently much quieter) and system temperature is about 38-39 degrees celcius. Sould a few degrees difference cause any harm to my computer? I know it varies depending on your sytem, hardware, etc., but what is a typical good opertaing temperature?




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Hey Alan,

I have many times wondered that same question Upon my research on this I could not find a real direct answer so i will give you the best of my knowledge from my searches on the web about this From what I have found it depends on the processor If it is AMD it differs a lot from Pentium as far as how much heat a processor can take and generate As far as your temp, and i see you have an AMD, it is not at a bad temp at all As long as you are not overclocking your processor or anything of that nature your fine I have a AMD XP 1900 and it runs about the same Temp as you 35 - 39 degrees celsius. I even had it at times to about 45 degrees Celsius and no harm was done at all.

Just remember a rule of thumb. The cooler the computer is the better it runs..

So just try to keep it as cool as possible and you should be fine :)

I hope this has helped you

Good luck :)

- stanley alexander

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on July 21, 2003