This shouldn't be so hard to assemble


This is an old computer that I found in my attic that my parents were going to trash. The processor I believe is a pentium MMX 200 mhz. When I plug the thing in and turn it on the monitor doesnt display anything. I know that it worked before we put it in the attic and it was well packaged for the time it was up there. I found out that after I had opened the case up and cleaned the thing out a little that my younger brother decided to do some exploring and he disconnected some flat cables and power supply lines. I did my best to try to put the cables back but I dont know that much about assembling computers. I have looked around for information on the subject but most websites have guides on assembling newer computers. I dont know exactly what the mother board is but there is a chip on it that says::





The CPU has the followin text on the underside::

intel pentium

w/ MMX tech





On the CPU socket is says socket 7. I dont know of any other information I can give you. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Assmebling a computer isn't goign to be that hard unless they opened the case and messed with the inside of it Most of the pluggs on the back will be easy to instil cuz they are all custemed to fit in there places and not fit into the place that they donot belong just don't force nothing in a place cuz then you might break something as for display for the monitor i recomend to play with the buttons on the from of the monitor or the once that control the colors and stuff because that stuff should display onm the monitor as long as it turned on good luck doing this "easy" job

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on May 21, 2003