Can I reinstall win98 to fix my glitch


How do you know if you can reinstall the operating system or have to use the recovery disk? My laptop was telling me at boot up, on occasion, that HIMEM insufficient. Not every time, just once in a while. Then I had windows opening and shutting by themselves when I was in Google. Then I was trying to use my stenograph machine through the serial port to do realtime, transcribs words in English according to my dictionary in the software that I use to do this, and it stopped right in the middle and the laptop started making clicking noises. So my computer guy told me to bring the recovery disks, or it could be a virus. When I picked up the computer, they had in fact reinstalled windows 98, which is what it came with, and gave me Norton 2003 antivirus software which doesn't want to do the LiveUpdates automatically. I have to do it manually. So, the questions are: Why won't Norton do the LiveUpdates automatically, and was it okay to "reinstall" windows 98 as opposed to using the recovery disk. Also, if you are not online, is Norton still working in the background? Is it still working if you disable it?

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This question was answered on April 29, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

First the guy should have given you Dr Watson to first close in on the problem The Norton 2003 antivirus softwarebut you aren't shure that it is that because they did reinstall the OS? My personal thoughs is that they should have used the recovery disk The 2003 is out of controll because I think that the correct drivers aren't selected at the time, tThe best thing to do would be to upgrade the OS to 2000 home,

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on April 29, 2003