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It seems that Click2find search engine had taken over control of Internet Exporer. I can change the home page back to google, and it will there for that working session, but when I open it later it will be switched back to Click2find. I also get popups all over the place and it appears that several unwanted folders have been added to my wife's favorites. I have restored the system to an earlier date and that works for a little while, but soon Click2find is back. I went to update Windows XP and it told me that some files were corrupted and that I had to reload it. I did, but Click2find soon returned. It also appears that my content control no longer functions. My 16 year old has been surfing places he shouldn't and that may have parcipitated this problem.

I think we need to use some of our cruise missles on these spam sites! Please help.

Bob Estabrook


This question was answered on August 9, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Download SpyBot Search and Destroy, it removes spyware from your system by scanning and deleting/quarantining the spyware Also, Ad-Aware 6.0 is a good spyware remover.

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on August 9, 2003