Having problems sending photos to people


I'm having problems sending photos to people. there getinng the picture but theu're hugh!I'm wondering if my pictures file size has something to do with it (1.5MB) Is there a wy to send my pictures(taken with a 3.2mp camera) to people and have them look like they do on my computer. thanks


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1)Tips for emailing photos

No matter which method you use to send your photos, you'll always want to follow these simple guidelines.

Verify Make sure your recipient uses an e-mail program (like Microsoft Outlook) that allows him or her to view attachments If you're not sure, test it out

Send small files

Files that are under 500K work best And an image resolution of 72 dpi is just fine Anything larger is overkill and can take too long to open

Use JPEG format

JPEG is a universal format that allows you to compress (or reduce) your photo file sizes for e-mail purposes

Limit your attachments to one or two

They will load faster when your friend or family member opens the e-mail message

Check in!

It's always a good idea to check with the recipient after sending photos via e-mail Ask things like "Was the size easy for you to view?"

2)Download photos from a digital camera If you have a computer, a digital camera, and e-mail, you've got the power to send pictures to family and friends in a flash

Scan photos Sending photos electronically is still possible, even without a digital camera All you need is the help of a scanner

HP Instant Share New digital camera features have virtually eliminated any waiting time, so you can share photos instantly Many HP Photosmart digital cameras feature Instant Share You can choose from several different destinations, including e-mail addresses and printers Just pick a digital photo, select the destination (like Grandma's e-mail address) with the press of a button, and connect the camera to a computer or optional HP Photosmart digital camera dock Presto! The recipient will get a message filled with thumbnail photos and a link to an online photo album Ã?Â?Â? without bulky, complicated attachments to download

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Posted by Ludens of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on April 20, 2004