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Hi, i recently recieved a home-built computer from my uncle, when i start it up it completes searching for slave drives ect.... when the message that says "starting windows 98" does not pop up, an error message pops up stating "NTLSDR missing, press any key to restart, when i do so, it gives the same error message over and over again, i am not sure what is wrong, thank you for your time.


This question was answered on May 18, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Well the first computer i have to ask is since your uncle gave it to you has the computer ever worked i would suggest bringing it back to him but the big chance is that you would probably need any way because the problem that you are having it sounds like a problem with the way your hard ware was configured You can try opening up the computer don't touch nothing in the inside but just look to see if anything is unplugged or anything if you do see something unplugged and you think you know where it pretty much goes to you can try pluggin it in don't force it in if it don't fix but before you touch anything tap your hangs on the paintless metal on your computer that way all the static will be off your hand and that way you can go touch the inside of the computer oh yea and make sure the power wire is off worse comes to worse ask your uncle or send us a question to this web site if you see something unplugged ok good luck

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on May 18, 2003