What can you get good performace?


System dangerously low on resources. Installed MemTurbo as a fix but must constantly hit the retrieve more memory button. Also installed a StartUp Manager but don't know which startup items I can safely remove. How do I fix this problem so I don't keep getting disconnected from AOL? Resources often run so low I cannot connect to any Hyperlinks.


This question was answered on November 28, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

This kind of surface won't help, You can upgrade more RAM to your computer But also I have some sugestion :

To make your computer to perform fast follow this steps:

-Make a scandisk in MSDOS startup, after you are in Full DOS mode, type scandisk c: or Scandisk /a if you have many partition.

-After scandisk, defragment your drive by typing defrag c: Althougth you can do this at windows mode but in SAFE MODE.

-Reboot and go to Safe mode by pressing F5 and make a cleanup disk, this will delete temporary files you can go to the run dialog box and type either tmp or temp, then delete any files that you see Empty your Recycle Bin.

-After this update your anitvirus and then make a full scan, also scan your BIOS with a antivirus bootable dis.

-Reduce your icons from the system tray, which is locate at the right side of the taskbar.

-Then reboot and start in MSDOS mode, and type scanreg /opt command.

Also update your windows 98 for new patches to prevent bugs in your systems After this you should be find, don't open to many program at once because this also slow your system

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on November 28, 2003