I recently removed the viruses



I recently removed the viruses w32.hllw.deloder, w32.suponova.worm, backdoor.sdbot.f, w32.kwbotf.worm completely off of my pc with norton antivirus. That included reg file values, as well as a multitude of complete system scans and deletes. Afterwards, I noticed a folder in my C:\WINNT\system32 folder called "haha". Haha contained a bunch of files with the word hack in it, as well as an irc program, which symantec said hackers would use to initialize the virus. So i deleted the folder, ran another complete system scan and didn't find any viruses.

However, now when I start my pc up a file called "firedaemon.exe" can be seen in my taskmanager, as well as "hidden32.exe". After about 1 minute, a file called "secure.exe" appears in my taskmanager and begins replicating itself without end (last count, I had 40 secure.exe files running in task manager. After visiting a few webpages, the above stated .exe's trigger error boxes than i can close, only to have them instantly reappear. How can I stop these programs from running ?


This question was answered on May 23, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Well? you already went to the store and bought an antivirus programs They seem to have done some work for you, but unforuntly I think that the virus is still promament on your com..

Thoses guys got into you C:\WINNT\system32 folde, once you start deleting things from that part of the hard drive bad things are about to happen

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on May 23, 2003