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How do I password just Outlook Express so our children can't read the emails. I've looked at the "identities" area and that doesn't make sense to me.


This question was answered on May 29, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

To send secure messages you need a digital ID A digital ID (also called a certificate) provides a means for proving your identity on the Internet With a digital ID you can add a digital signature to your messages so the intended recipients can make sure that the message actually came from you and has not been tampered with You can also encrypt messages, using a special mathematical formula, so that only the intended recipient can read your messages and attachments.

You obtain your digital ID from a certifying authority, such as Verisign, Inc With some types of e-mail servers, your network administrator can also issue a digital ID Part of the digital ID is an irreplaceable private key that is usually stored on your computer You can export and import this private key to other computers if you need to move your secure e-mail security settings from one computer to another You can also make a backup copy of your digital ID The other component of your digital ID is a public key that you send to people who want to send you encrypted messages or verify your signed messages.

To send an encrypted e-mail message to someone, you must have a copy of that person's digital ID in your contact list Just have the person send you a digitally signed message When you receive the message, you copy the person's address in the From field of the message into your contacts

Security zones provide control over how much access incoming e-mail messages and Web pages have to your computer Security zones provide advanced protection against certain types of files that may gain access to your computer and replace or damage files You can choose which security zone to place your incoming e-mail messages in, and you can also select specific security options for each zone For example, you can choose to disable all scripts, Java applets, or ActiveX Controls in e-mail messages that come from the Internet.

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on May 29, 2003