Screen goes black, or rather blank immediately after the loading screen


Ok, then. i know this is a tricky one , so i'll do my best to explain it. I have just bought new Geforce FX 5200 video card. I get home, shut down my computer, and replace my old video card (an ATI Radeon VE) with the new. It boots up all nice and pretty, untill XP reaches the point where it is supposed to have a login page. It is the one directly after the Windows XP Professional Loading screen comes on. Well, at least it should be. The screen goes black, or rather blank immediately after the loading screen. Nothing i do effects the blank status of the screen, no button pressing on the keyboard, no clicking with my mouse, not a thing. Another, similar thing happens when the chkdisk runs before the login page. when it completes, or when i press a button to stop the scan, the system just hangs. I can see HDD activity on my Box, but thats it. No sound, nothing. I know the video card works, for a fact.(mainly because i can see what im doing untill that darned login screen). An important fact i should tell you is that i have the login problem with any video card i use now. It isn't limited to the new vid card, and now even happens with my old VE.

I would VERY much appreciate any reccomendation, help, or sincere condolences if i am totally screwed over with this problem. thank you very much.


This question was answered on June 11, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Befor you installed the cards that you are using , did you disable the onboard video? Maby their is a conflict their someware or therer might be a drever that needs to be installed seperatly and you may have to take the video cards out and see if you can go online and then see if you can upload any drivers The eariest versons of XP had some type of bug I don't exactly know what it is but that may be the cause of your pain

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on June 11, 2003