Why is my IE messing up?


I'll try to make it short. For some time we would boot our system and get the error "windows protection error - system halted". We would reboot and sometimes it would start fine in Windows the first time, but more often than not it would reboot in safe mode. After rebooting anywhere from 3-7 times in safe mode (after receiving the above error) and restarting it would then go to the regular windows environment.

I decided to fix it. My mistake I guess. I went to remove/install programs in the control panel and clicked on WIndows ME and clicked on remove and was give three options, uninstall, repair and the third I don't recall. I clicked on repair. It tried to repair and I received the message that it couldnt be repaired and to reinstall windows. So I got my ME disc and reinstalled it. When it go to the point where the system needed to reboot prior to initializing the devices, it rebooted and then would start in safe mode and wouldn't allow the process to continue. I finally got around that and got the rest of it to install.

The major/main problem is that Internet Explorer wasn't installed. I tried to execute the program setup and it would go through the paces and didn't install properly or show in the add remove programs window. I then went to Microsofts website and downloaded ie 5.5. and executed it. It showed up in the add/remove area but doesn't work properly. When I open more than one window it freezes with the second window being white. I can't navigate there at all. I browse more than five-10 places and it freezes.

I have back up browsers (Opera & Netscape) and they appear to be working fine. I prefer IE however. HELP!


This question was answered on October 21, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

What I would tell you to do is to uninstall IE 5.5 and install IE 6 Maybe 5.5 weren’t installed correctly and it is best for you to have the latest version of IE They can come with a fix to people’s problems and maybe yours So before you continue I would get the latest version and install it to see if that fixed your problem I hope that helps!

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Posted by joseph of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on October 21, 2004