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I have a DV bridge which I use to connect my video camera to the computer through firewire. I have a maxtor 40 GB hard disk. While working I recorded 1 hour of film on my harddisk for editing purposes. It takes about 200MB/min and thus the total amounted to 12 GB. After this my disk was about 3/4th filled. (It already had a large amount of data). I use a program called studio DV to record any films from my video camera to the hard disk (analog to digital) . I had about 25 minutes of video which I had not yet recorded on my drive. The program said I could record an additional 45 minutes of film. So I decided to do it. While recording it , after about 15 minutes my system hung up. It showed a blue screen and somrething about memory stack dump error etc. I often get that message and haven't resolved it yet. So I had to reboot. I had to delete the incomplete 3GB avi file because it didn't work. Next I tried the process again and the same thing happened just after 3 minutes. I delelted the file and left it as it was and shut down the computer. Next I started doing it again after a few hours , It worked successfully for 18 minutes and then suddenly I noticed that the video on the monitor (The video being recorded is shown on the monitor) freezed. While the video camera was running which I could see on the TV. I could hear clicks and sounds from the computer case. I stopped the capturing process. After which the program froze. So pressing ctrl+alt+del I shut down the program. The program was not responding but didn't shut down either. After a little time it did shut down but it also freezed the system. I could move the mouse and could open the task manager with ctrl+alt+del. It was showing my desktop background but the icons and taskbar were absent. From the task manager I tried to shut down the system which didn't work. So after trying a couple of times. I rebooted, after starting up it gave an error message just before starting windows "A disk read error has occurred , press Ctrl + alt + del " I shut down the computer and then turned it on again. But it's still not working. I've read an article on the same problem on this site. But my problem is that there's a lot of data which is very important on the hard disk. and I don't know how to run SCANDISK. Is there any way out of it???


This question was answered on August 19, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I would try to make a start up disk from another computer, If that doesn't work then I believe you might have burn out your hard drive, and corrupted your operating system So you're going to have to reformat your hard drive Carlos Millan Jr.

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on August 19, 2003