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Okay, this problem is really starting to annoy me. If I play a high-res video full screen (my screen resolution is 1024X768) usually if the video is around 640X480, my computer will freeze up at some point. And even on smaller videos, around 512X384, if I try moving the time slider to move to a different position in the video, my computer will freeze. If I do all this with my screen resolution at 640X480, everything works fine. Okay, one problem solved. But if I try to play a 3D game in hardware mode, my computer freezes. Just today, I had a large playlist of music files, and when I restored Windows Media Player to change the song, my computer froze. Now, after my computer freezes, either one of two things happens: (1) It remains frozen, requiring that I restart manually, or (2) It resumes normal operation, only without sound, and when I play a video, the video stops at about 5-second intervals. I know I can run certain games in software mode to solve that problem, but first of all, not all games are able to run in software mode, and secondly, hardware rendering looks smoother and runs faster. (Until it freezes, that is...) But anyway... somebody help me out! I have a feeling that since both the graphics card abd sound are both functional after I restart, it could be a software problem, and I might be able to fix it without having to buy a new graphics card. I can't buy a decent graphics card either, since my computer has no AGP slot, and graphics companies stopped making PCI graphics cards a while ago. I would be so grateful if someone could solve this problem for me.

-C/Amn Christopher Agius, CAP


This question was answered on June 5, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Your problem is reletivity a simple one you are doing too much with not enough suffecient memory You need to up grade your memory to at least 512 mb in order to properly run all these high resolution programs that you are doing 128mb is pretty much the basic amount of memory but it is not the best memory

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on June 5, 2003