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My system is about 2 years old. For the past several months, I need to regularly reboot at least a couple times of day due to system lockups or in some cases memory errors. When it occurs I'm usually utilizing at least a few Explorer 6.0 sessions at once and email. The symptom appears to be that my system resources as shown under System properties degrades quickly. I have applied all patches for ME and Windows. I have run MSCONFIG and am doing a selective startup to only start programs I think needed. Upon re-boot utilization is about 85% but degrades from there. If I happen to utilize an online game such as Yahoo Pool, even after a re-boot and one session active, I can play for about a half hour before having connection issues to their server, I start losing sound or encounter display issues. Only reboot fixes it. This happens with one one IE 6.x session active. Other times when running multiple IE sessions I will open my MS Outlook email and the fonts will be 'weird - real large' or get a out of memory error.

I have run defrags, eliminated temp internet files and cookies and applied all patches I can find.

I don't think I don't have enough memory at 256MB (RDRAM). It just looks like some kind of memory weak (or has that appearance).

Upgrading to XP does not seem to be an option as according to Dell's Solution Center on my PC that the BIOS is not reccomended for XP. Windows 2000 is OK.

Any ideas?




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Get another 256 to be on the safe side than download (Fix-It) http://www.v-com.com/download/index.html that helps if u have a virus or regristry problem and than get Ad-Aware Pro for spyware that overloades your computers resources Windows Me sucks try 2000 your better off If you cant get Xp to work on your pc than consider upgrading If you still have problems than back-up your work fonts and favorites and format you main HD or the partiston side that has you Operating System and install a fresh copy of your 2000 cd and you should see the big difference from than and now Fix-It maintains your pc check settings on your fix-it virus scanner highlight All Files and Prompt for virus GoodLuck

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 16, 2003