My computer freezes and then runs for thirty seconds until it freezes again


I have a weird problem with my computer. Just about three weeks ago it started to freeze and then it runs again for about thirty seconds until it freezes again. It doesn't do this immediately but eventually it starts. I usually experience it while playing a game, word, or ie. However, it continues after i stop those programs when apparently nothing is going on. I doubt it is any of my hardware or drivers because i've had my computer for nearly two years and it's been awhile since i updated my drivers. Nothing this troublesome happened until now. I ran defrag and virus scan and it still does it. I've restored my system to before it started happening; it is still happening. I been looking for the problem and changing settings for about a week so i probably messed up my machine even more :-) however, nothing seems to affect this problem. I might have to reload everything on my compute, but is there a cure to this bug i haven't seen?

P.S.: about right before this started happening my cd-r drive opened for no reason at all and keep do so automatically til the next day. I also couldn't read off it from that day since (but could detect drive) I thought somehow this was the problem so i deactivated it... but i still had the freezing so i thought it had nothing to do with it.


This question was answered on June 21, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The solution to this is reformatting the hard disk and reinstalling the OS since computers thru time accumulate a lot of imformations and startup programs that can't not be remove it in an easy way and all this cause the computer to slow down and freeze To reinstall win xp what you need to do once you are in there, insert the win xp cd in the cd rom drive, after the computer read the cd you will see the win xp setup screen now just click for new installation and just follow the steps to do the rest and format the hard disk.

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Posted by Giovanny of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on June 21, 2004