How can I login after I create a new user account?


When I create a new user account I cannot login to account. I am logged in as administrator when I creat account.When I try to login as a new user I get the following error: Window cannot copy foldr Documents and Settings\Default User\local settings\Temporaray Internet Flies\Content.IE5 user account cannot be created This is the error i receive from the event viewer Event Type: Error

Event Source: Userenv

Event Category: None

Event ID: 1000

Date: 6/29/2003

Time: 09:37:59




Windows cannot log you on because the profile cannot be loaded. Contact your network administrator.

DETAIL - Access is denied.


This question was answered on June 14, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Log in as administrator:

Create a backup copy of your registry

create a user with admin privilages (just call it temp and add him to the administrators group)

Log out

Log back in as temp

Create d:\Documents and settings

run the big registry key from below

Run regedit

search for "%sytemdrive%\dc" and change %sytemdrive% t d:\ (should be 3 changes on a clean system with temp account created)

Go to HKLM\SYSTEM\CONTROLSET001\CONTROL\HIVELISTyou will see 2 SIDs at the bottom of that key similar to the following...

\\REGISTRY\\USER\\S-1-5-21-602162358-616249376-839522115-1001"="\\Device\\HarddiskVolume3\\Documents and Settings\\temp\\NTUSER.DAT"

"\\REGISTRY\\USER\\S-1-5-21-602162358-616249376-839522115-1001_Classes"="\\Device\\HarddiskVolume3\\Documents and Settings\\temp\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\Windows\\UsrClass.dat"

you will want to increment the HarddiskVolume to the correct location. for example if you currently have volume2 for the c: drive, change that to volume 3 for the d: drive for each of those keys This will also change the harddiskVolume for the other keys in the registry that work with the documents and settings folder.

Copy the folders (except the temp user folder and all users folder) from c:\documents and settings\ to inside d:\Documents and settings

Log out of the temp account and back in as administrator

try to copy the all users folder over to the d: drive and rename the c:\documents and settings folder to another name If successful, you are done

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Posted by Raymond of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on June 14, 2004