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I tried to install a Samsung CD Burner and I followed the directions and now my computer at start up comes up and says Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and it will not go further than that. I've tried different disks and one time with a windows 98 cd it came up and said would you like to run windows from cd and gave 2 other choices so i chose that one and it would go no further. Now my computer will not boot up at all past the error message. How can I fix that or what causes that problem?


This question was answered on July 20, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

There are a few well known causes to this problem Let's start with the basics...

The first thing you should check is your A: drive..Make sure you do not have a floppy disk inside your A Drive Because if so your computer might be trying to read that first when powered on and if it is not a operating system disk it will give youa disk boot failure

If that does not work...

You might need to go in to your BIOS to change your boot sequence order To do this you press the F10 key when booting, or Del key for some computers Find the advanced tab then locate the boot order. Make sure it Boots A: C: D: ((A being Floppy, C: being hard driver, D being CD ROM)). Apply those settings and restart. once again make sure no floppy disk is inside your A: drive given you set the Bios to search there first Then it should automatically go to the C drive which is your hard drive and boot properly.

Good Luck

- Stanley Alexander

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on July 20, 2003