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Why is it that my Sony Vaio Laptop PCG-9B2L keeps giving me a blue screen in the middle of watching a video? Then it will try to restart itself, and only get halfway through that and then it freezes and then I half to turn it totally off to get it back up going.

For example, I'll be watching a movie and it'll be going fine and playing the movie perfectly for around 15 to 20 seconds and then all of a sudden wham, the computer flashes a blue screen at me and tries to quick;y automatically restart itself. Then once I turn the power off and reststart it, the computer says recovered from serious error, yada yada yada, then the source of the problem it says is a driver error. This happens to my video with any of my players (Windows Media Player 9, RealOne, and even Qucktime, DivX), most of the time it seems like it's from DivX movies, but even those movies don't work in the DivX players themselves. This meltdown usually happens when I have bigger Video files. It never however freezes with my audio files. I even totally rebooted my entire machine and this still happens. Besides my video or monitor drivers (which I can't find an update for anyway) it could also be my printer (Lexmark X73) or my Anti-Virus protection (Norton Anti-Virus). I try keeping my Norton Anti-Virus very up-to-date though.

If you have anything you can think of to help me with this problem please let me know, I would appreciate it very much, thanks ahead of time.


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Try upgrading your memory it might help

Jorge Ramirez

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 10, 2003