I have installed the computer game Myst in my computer. The game was designed for Windows 95.


I have installed the computer game Myst in my computer. The game was designed for Windows 95. The installation was completed but the playing screen is upside down. How do I correct such a problem?


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I always wanted to give this game a try but never did purchase the game It always had very good reviews and perked my interest as a WoT fan Gamespy recently put it in their top 25 underrated games, it was in the top 10, so I tried to hunt down a copy Atari still sells it directly from their site.

This is an awesome FPS game, one of the best I've played and I've played them all Great story, and great graphics given the game's age Better game then Half Life in my opinion.

Game play is awesome and very strategic You need to conserve your resources and use them wisely and you are given many options for getting through the levels The level design is another awesome aspect of the game, the levels are extemely well designed and beautiful.

I was surprised how good the AI was There are quirks and expolitable situations but I don't remember playing a game recently that had AI as good as WoT The enemies are very agressive.

For the price you can get the game for from Atari, its a steal.

I was almost surprised to see the few negative reviews here, but none of them really give an indepth review of the game Of course its expected that some WoT fans would be disappointed but as a fan myself I feel Legend did the right thing They did not try to adapt the existing books to the game, they merely used the world Jordan created and did a great job of it.

This is an FPS, through and through Its not an RP game, though it does a great job in story telling Piece of advice, keep CD2 in the drive while playing the game or you will miss the movies that explain much of the plot and add a lot of atmosphere I noticed a few reviewers seemed to miss the thread of the story and most likely its because they missed the movies You need to have QuickTime installed to see the movies, provided on the game's cd though its an old version Movies ran fine with QT6 on my machine You can also run a setup from CD2 and install the music and movies to your hard drive (Yes, this means you can run the game without having the cd in the drive, this feature really dates the game.)

What can I say, I thoroughly enjoyed this game and I'm kicking myself for not having playing it in 1999/2000 On a P4 3ghz, ATI Radeon 9700 Pro on WinXP the game runs perfectly The version available from Atari does not need any patching, they're already applied.

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Posted by Shamsul of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on September 15, 2004