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The computer was purchased at an Expo in Pittsburgh, Pa. I replaced most of the components within the tower. At 12:00 midnight and at 8:00am the computer would lock up totally and the hard drive would start ticking loudly. It would last all day if i didnt turn the computer off for 30 mins exactly. The only thing that was original was the mother board. I've called almost every computer person that i could get ahold of. The motherboard was running an AMIBios programming system, one guy said that was the cause. Another said that the main problem was i had too many conflicts resulting from replacing all major components in the tower. I replaced the mouse, keyboard, monitor, cd-rom, modem, and added an ISB card. Now the problem is i have another computer and want to slave that old harddrive to my new computer but i dont want to have the same problem with the new computer. What should i do???? Is the problem a Virus, is the problem with the old motherboard, Would I still have the problem with the new computer if i just add the old harddrive??? HELP PLEASE!!!!


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From what you say, I think your old hard drive might be failing You said that you hear a loud ticking noise Is like a clanking sound ? as if the plates were rubbing against each other? If so that could mean the hard drive is dying What you could try to do given if you dont have anything of importance on it, is reformat the whole hard drive and wipe it clean The you can try to use it as a slave to your other computer If the clanking noise keeps up i have one more suggestion I had the same problem with a few computers what i did was put in a windows 98 start up disk Used the dos Debug tool and typed in some code to erase all partitions and boot records then installed an Operating system and it worked like a charm :).

To use debug tool Insert a startup disk from windows

and follow these commands:

((do not type "<"or ">" just whats inside of those bracets))

a:\>debug <ENTER>

- <F 220 L1000 0> (ENTER)

- <A CS: 100> (ENTER)

xxxx:0100 <MOV AX,301> (ENTER)

xxxx:0103 <MOV BX,200> (ENTER)

xxxx:0106 <MOV CX,1> (ENTER)

xxxx:0109 <MOV DX,80> (ENTER) <-"80" for hd1,"81" for hd2>

xxxx:010C <INT 13> (ENTER)

xxxx:010E <INT 20> (ENTER)

xxxx:0110 <> (ENTER) <---BLANK LINE "VERY IMPORTANT" >

- <G> (ENTER)

Program terminated normally

((now reboot your computer))

I hope this has helped

- Stanley Alexander

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on August 5, 2003