What is install a firewall


My daughtre's computer is being bombarded and eventually locking from a continuous string of spam. Please help me end this process. thanks

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What you can do is install a firewall software program to block out outside influences when your daughter is logged on to the internet Also if you don't use AOL as an internet provider I would suggest you switch to it because they provide a great parental control access and built in Spam controls

Optimized for Your Family

AOL 9.0 Optimized allows you to create a unique experience for each family member.

Parental Controls

AOL®'s Parental Controls help you set limits on what your children can see and do while they are online There are four Parental Controls categories: Kids Only (ages 12 & under), Young Teen (ages 13-15), Mature Teen (ages 16-17), and General (18 ) Each basic age category has a different level of access to content and interactive features on AOL® and the rest of the Internet Parental Controls let you specify whom your children can communicate with in e-mail, whether or not they can send and receive Instant Messages and what kinds of Web sites children can browse You can also control how much time your children spend online with the Online Timer.

Reminder: Because no filtering or blocking software is 100% folproof, there is no substitute for over-the-shoulder parental supervision.

With AOL 9.0 Optimized, we're continuing to anticipate what our members want by introducing new features that will deliver more fun, smiles and surprises into AOL service and entertain everyone in the family Please look for additional help at Keyword: Help

Any Master Screen Names on your account can review the Parental Controls settings for your child at any time

To review your child's Parental Controls settings:

1 Go to Keyword: Parental Controls.

2 Click on your child's screen name in the Edit Parental Controls section.

Parental Controls settings are set for each screen name as it is created When you create a new screen name at Keyword: Names, you will be required to select a Parental Controls category for that screen name You can change the category or settings within each category at any time at Keyword: Parental Controls

To set Parental Controls for a new screen name that you have not yet created:

1 Go to Keyword: Parental Controls.

2 Click Create a New Screen Name.

3 Click Create a Screen Name.

4 At step 3 of the Create a Screen Name process, select the Parental Controls category (e.g., Kids Only, Young Teens) most appropriate to the user of the screen name you are creating.

5 Confirm the settings that are displayed If you would like to modify the settings within a Parental Controls category further, click Customize Settings.

You can change the Parental Controls settings at any time by following the directions below for an existing screen name

To set Parental Controls for an existing screen name:

1 Go to Keyword: Parental Controls.

2 Click Set Parental Controls The Set Parental Controls screen appears.

3 Select the screen name whose category setting you would like to change

4 Click a category button at the bottom of the window to modify the entire screen name's category setting.

With AOL 9.0 Optimized, we're continuing to anticipate what our members want by introducing new features that will deliver more fun, smiles and surprises into AOL service and entertain everyone in the family You can find help for all these features plus more at Keyword: Help.

For more information on AOL 9.0 Optimized, please visit Keyword: AOL 9.0 Optimized

McAfee Personal Firewall Express

Having an unprotected broadband connection means that you are open to the Internet at large, giving hackers free reign over personal information on your computer AOL has partnered with McAfee, a leading provider of firewall software, to bring you a free, easy-to-install personal firewall application McAfee Personal Firewall Express keeps hackers from accessing your computer and allows you to digitally 'fingerprint' trusted applications Every time your computer is probed or attacked, you get detailed reports and clear follow-up options.

To download your free firewall, click the Safety button on the toolbar and select Firewall protection, then click Register to get started

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