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I have several music files that are too large for buring on a CD-RW music disc. I would like to save them by burning them to a DVD disc with 1.2 gig capacity. If I do this, can the music be played later through my computer only? I would assume most CD players would not be able to read the disc.

I would also assume that I should burn these using my Roxio software rather than my DVD burning software-correct? Should they be burnt as data files or music files?


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I often have this same problem

If you are planning to burn your music on a DVD disc, yes you will be only able to listen to your music on your computer As well as most likely only on a DVD drive Because that would be the only thing able to read the DVD format disc So for example you burn your music on a DVD Disc you go to you friends house he does not have a DVD player but a CD ROM it will not be able to read the DVD Disc.

As far as burning them as data or music files its your choice If you burn them as Data you can fit 800 megs of music (depending on your CD R’s capacity.) Now by burning your music as data you get more music on your CD One song on average is about 3 Megs so do the math and you can figure out how much music you can have on a cd hehe.

Downside to this is once again you can only play on your computer or either a Mp3 player You need some sort of player that recognizes data since that’s what you burnt it as

Now comes burning music as an MP3 format If you burn your music as MP3 format you can get up to 70 mins of music on a CD (once again depending on the capacity of your CD R.) This equals in my experience an average of 16 songs per disk, and it plays on everything and in any drive (CD ROM or DVD.) So overall the choice is up to you Just remember the downsides and ups.

Good luck in which ever you choose :)

- Stanley Alexander

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on July 28, 2003