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MY computer burnt out after installing AOL broadband back in February. I replaced the motherboard, the graphics card and replaced Windows 98 with Windows XP.

Since then my Computer reboots itself for no apparent reason during use, including internet, games and just using Microsoft Office. This happens on regular occasions. I have had the system tested, but that was proved to be faultless. I have even bought a new printer and scanner believing these could be the cause.

Any Ideas???

Please help, i'm close to binning the whole lot and just go back to the good old pen and paper!!

Steve Trinder



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Hi Steve Trinder from England :)

Hmm from what you have told me i have to assume a few things so bare with me hehehe..

Okay you said your old computer burned out after installing aol broadband. so i am going to assume because it got over heated you replaced the mother board and now your computer reboots for no apparent reason...

Well there can be a few things.. Lets go down the list shall we..

- Make sure you have all the Windows XP updates and service packs

- Check your computer temperature to make sure it is not over heating. If CPU over heats a safety precausion at times is for the PC to reboot in order to cool down. or even shut down.

- Make sure you have enough power supply voltage to handle your components you have inside your computer

- Check to see if the power supply is good You might want to try to see if you can get another one to test your computer out on.

- Lastly sometimes rogue programs cause your computer to crash check to make sure all the programs you have installed are legit and they work well with windows XP.

Thats all of the basic things as of now.

You do not have to replace external things like printer and scanner those have nothing to do with it . So dont waste you money on outside things hehe :)

I hope this has helped you

Good luck

Stanley Alexander

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on August 5, 2003