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I have had a new 80 GB hard drive installed as my "C" drive and moved the original 40 GB drive to the "F" position for photo storeage. When I did a right-click FORMAT on the "F" drive it only gave me 32.8 GB of new space. Is there anyway to get the whole 40 GB?

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Lee Baessler


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Hello Lee..

There is no need to worry.

32.8GB is a 40 GB hard drive.

You have to keep in mind when manufactures make hard drives they round off the number of GB so to speak because there is no real way to get 40 GB's exactly since 1024MBs is equal to one Gig So manufactures say 40gb to make it simplified Imagine walking into your favorite computer store and asking for a 32.8GB hard drive It would be crazy hahaaha!

Lastly, You can always check to be sure that you have not partitioned your hard drive and have unallocated free space lying around, but other than that your fine :)

I hope this has helped you

- stanley alexander

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on August 5, 2003