How can I connect to the internet under my guest profile?


I just got the Verizon DSL installation package yesterday at my home. When I boot my PC up, I have it come to my "administrator" or "guest" profile choices to log on.

Me being the head owner of the PC, I use the "administrator" choice which prompts you to enter a password before logging on to the desktop.

I done this and installed the Verizon DSL package last night. I ended up being able to connect to the internet fine.

HOWEVER, when I logged off (disconnected from my "administrator" profile) I then logged on by using the "guest" profile. I got some kind of Verizon problem window popping up saying there was some type of DUN error (I don't know what that means). End result is that I cannot get connected under the "Guest" profile in Windows XP.

I have had Comcast cable internet for the past 2 years without a problem between switching from "administrator" or "guest" log on profiles. I called Verizon but the support person could not figure out why I cannot connect to the DSL internet under the Guest profile. He then said I should contact Microsoft or Hewlett-Packard!! If I call HP, they want a $30 charge for out of warranty problems. Rediculous.

Can anyone help with this problem?


This question was answered on December 11, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

DUN is dial up network If there is an error code in the DUN window, the Web site can tell you how to fix it

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Posted by Susan of Mesa Community College on December 11, 2003