Have you noticed a different in connection speed?


When connected to my dsl, my modem is constantly operating in the download mode. This has been happening for about one week now. My LAN Aera Connection Status is showing a constant dowload of data packets. I cannot find anywhere that actual data packets are being downloaded and there are no unusual upload data streams (unless I am sending an e-mail or unsing my browser). I have Norton AntiVirus constantly updated and always operational. I have scanned my computer for viruses using my installed Norton AntiVirus, using Symantec's web-site for a free scan and even using McAfee's web-site for a free scan. No viruses were detected. I called Dell tech support and they could not solve the problem (restoring the computer settings to 10 days ago). The technician said that I probably have a virus that is "virtually" dowloading data and that I should reformat my entire C: drive.

Before reformatting my entire computer, I want to explore every possible option. My computer is otherwise running fine but I am concerned. I would sincerely appreciate your advice and guidance.

Thank you.

Steve Youlios


This question was answered on April 19, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Steve Youlios:

Does the download light flash? or does it stay on? It is normal for it to flash, it can be anywhere from windows checking for updates automatically or even your virus protection checking for updates as well There are many programs that checks for updates automatically even Quicktime does Another thing if it just flashes its because your connection is like checking that the connection is still there Its nothing for you to worry about unless you notice a big difference in your connection speed.


Dimitrios Theodorou

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Posted by Dimitrios of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on April 19, 2004