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Just recently my desktop locked while playing a DVD. I hit the reset button and nothing but the power light and the HD light came on. Both the power light and the HD light were a steady burn, no visible sign of HD activity besides the steady on the case. I turned it off, waited a bit and it worked again. My computer locked again, still doing the exact same thing as before. I cannot get it to start back up again. Here's the strange part, tonight my Laptop (IBM Thinkpad 600e) is doing something similar. It turns on and goes through the bios routine but will not recognise the HD. The entire time the HD light is a steady burn.

Any suggestions? Right now I'm thinking 'Holy Water'.


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Wow seems like a crazy problem you have there.

Could be a number of things from what i see Well let me say the least likely first faulty hard drive. or a hard drive that is about to die Since it seems the computer boots up and them locks up on the hard drive It could be dying Make sure you do not have any CD's in the CD roms or any floppy disk in as well.

If that is not the case, from what you say it could be a virus.

For one the same thing is happening to your desktop as well as your laptop So i figure you could have a virus from sharing things from your pc to laptop or downloading the same things And as far as the symptoms computer lock ups and boot failures are common with viruses So i will focus more on that What i would do is try to get one of the comptuers up and do a virus scan You can download a free trial one from PC CILLIN or Symantec make sure you dont have any viruses. and do your windows updates Make sure your up to date with that That should take care of the problem.

I hope you have found this helpful

Good Luck

- stanley alexander

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on September 6, 2003