How do i get the ATI card output onto a TV??


How do I conenct the Svideo to TV?? I tried with the Svideo-RCA cable.. connection is perfect but there is no signal recieved by the TV...

Svideo jack is of 4 pins.. and the RCA cable splits to Red and yellow plugs.

how do i get the output onto TV??

thanks in advance.


This question was answered on October 5, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

My question for you is what exactly are you trying to get outputed onto your television screen?

I would be of better assistance to you if i knew exactly what components you are trying to get seen on the tv Im assuming you want to capture video from your ATI video card onto a television screen So heres how you do it.

Naturally we do need some kind of connection on our PC to connect to the TV, we're looking for a TV-out connector TV-Out only means: VIDEO out in such a sense that our TV could be able to handle it TV-Out only means that there is a Video signal comming from this pin, that can be connected to your TV This is an entirely different signal than the signal needed for the antenna connector on your TV! Naturally, when you TV supports S-VIDEO, then please use a S-VIDEO cable to connect your PC to your TV as it will result in the best quality After connecting the hardware we do need to do some settings in the software of the PC.

Required settings for TV-Out are usually done using tools that come with the drivers of your videocard.

ATI cards used to be mostly used in laptop, but now a days ATI is working on a strong come back in desktops as well - and in my option offer much more performance than their nVidia counter parts.

nVidia is commonly known for it's desktop graphics, but has entered the laptop market as well with their Geforce2Go and Geforce4Go They're not bad, but I still prefer ATI.

Note: do not use the drivers for the desktop graphics cards on laptops Rather use the drivers you can download from the manufacturers website of your laptop!

When you have an ATI desktop videocard, consider downloading the latest driver version from the ATI website.

Note: Laptop users should visit the laptop manufacturers website for the latest drivers!

Make sure you PC's TV-Out is connected to the TV Switch the TV ON!

Go to the Windows "Start" button Go to "Control Panel" - "Display".

Go to the "Settings" tab.

set the display settings to (multiple monitors) on MOBILITY RADEON xxxx.

set the screen resolution to 1600x1200 pixels.

set the color quality to Highest (32 bit)

Now click the "Advanced" tab.

set the Display DPI setting to "norma size (96 DPI)

Click the "Displays" tab.

Here we activate TV-Out!

In the most right column, called TV, you might see (not connected) - which indicates that the TV is not properly connected:

Click the RED switch at the TV column to enable TV-Out It will now turn blue! In the TV-Column click the blue button with the circle in it

You should now see the computer screen image on your TV (modern TV's automatically detect the connection and switch to the proper channel, older TV's need to be set to AUX or EXTERNAL).

Klikking the blue button with the circle in it is needed to set the TV as a PRIMARY screen This is needed for video As Video (DivX etc) will ONLY display on the PRIMARY display! This is for both extended screens and duplicated/cloned screens!

That should do it..

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on October 5, 2003