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My daughter just got a new laptop and it has a slot for her to use her to put a type ii card so that she can use her laptop with a wireless dial up connection. Is there a way to do this to a desktop?


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I am not to sure of what the purpose is of the wireless desktop card your asking for is but let me explain the best i can Laptops have that expansion slot for wireless access where ever a wireless connection is provided Just because the card is in the slot does not mean the laptop will be able to get online wherever it is at it needs a wireless network to get on to So now, if you wanted to get a wirless card for your PC Desktop computer you would not be able to get online unless there was some wirless access point around your house to get on the network But your right there are wireless connections for a desktop I am not sure they are sold seperately and how much but i seen computers that are now being built with one inside and is mostlty used for PDA's and pagers to upload and download address books to your computer to PDA and vice versa There is something you could do to get a wireless access in your house if that may be the case and thay is set up a wirless network To do this get a wireless router Linksys has some nice ones and from that with your daughter's laptop she can be anywhere in the house and get an internet signal and get online As well as your PC

I hope i answered your question and you found this useful.

Reply back if you have anything further to add or i misunderstood the question.

Good Luck

- stanley alexander

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on September 6, 2003