Problem with Windows 98SE network printer sharing:


Problem with Windows 98SE network printer sharing:

I have three Win98SE machines (“aa”, “bb” and “cc”) in a wired LAN (all connected via Cat-5 cables to a Linksys cable modem router). I have an “HP LaserJet 5L Xtra” parallel port printer and an Epson USB color inkjet printer connected to “aa”. I have shared both these printers in “aa” (but not shared any files in “aa”, for security reasons). I have “add”-ed these printers in “bb” and “cc” as networked printers and there was no problem with that. “bb” and “cc” can see both the shared printers over the LAN and I have installed the printers’ drivers in “bb” and “cc”. Everything seems just fine.

The problem I have is that whenever I want to print from “bb” or “cc”, both “bb” and “cc” complain that the printer is OFFLINE; so I am unable to print from “bb” or “cc”. This is the case irrespective of whether I choose to print to the HP or the Epson over the LAN.

The fact is that “aa” and both printers connected to it are turned on and not idle. I can print to either printer from “aa” without any problem (so the printers are never offline). Why do the machines on the LAN (“bb” and “cc”) think that the printers are offline ?

I have checked all the ‘obvious things’, like the machines being able to “ping” each other and so on. There is nothing in the Linksys router manual about anything that seems relevant to this.

Please help.



This question was answered on November 10, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Please resubmit this question, I think I have a solution to the problem, but I cannot make out most of the words I am taking a guess here try the following If it works congratulations if not can you please resubmit the question in plain English Thank you and good luck!

Go to the link below for a possible solution.;en-us;84491

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Posted by julie of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on November 10, 2004