I am getting an error while booting that says


When i turn on my computer, before it boots up everything, there's an error that says Keyboard is locked out - unlock the key. I tried different keyboards but it still doesn't fix it. Can you guys please tell me how to fix this problem. Thanks



This question was answered on September 23, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Key lock locked

Explanation: The system is detecting that the key lock on the front of the case is locked, and therefore will not boot The error message usually refers to the

keyboard being locked but this really means the key lock on the front of the system case.

Diagnosis: The key lock may be indeed locked out The key lock may also be miswired, or there could be a fault with the motherboard, or even the keyboard.


Make sure that no keys are being pressed in on the keyboard when the system is booting

Unlock the key lock, if it is locked

Investigating problems with the key lock

The Keylock

Some cases have keylocks, which when locked, essentially lock out the keyboard The system detects this condition and puts an error message on the screen, effectively disabling access to the computer This can be useful in an office setting to prevent casual access to a computer that is normally kept off It can also effectively prevent your kids (or parents! :^) )

from booting your PC when you are not around.

The keylock should be considered a minimal security device The keylock prevents the system from booting, but this doesn't prevent someone from opening up the box and disabling it I can get around a keylock with three minutes and a screwdriver--but I can't do that when people are around, as it would be very noticeable This gives you a good idea of

how much to trust this device If you really need security for your PC, there are numerous hardware and software products on the market that can be used to give you some peace of mind (although a locked office is probably best and simplest in many cases)

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Posted by Susan of Mesa Community College on September 23, 2003