What causes my system to randomly shut down with a NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM error and how do I fix it?


Hi, I have windows XP, and my computer keeps on restarting randomly on its own. It gives me a 1 minute warning and it says the warning is sent by NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM and it says in the message that the RPC program has terminated unexpectiedly. Can you please help me with this annoying problem?


This question was answered on September 30, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

CAUSE: It appears that this issue is caused by a worm virus attack, based on the MS03-026 security fix The msblast.exe worm exploits the DCOM RPC vulnerability

Note: There are currently, and may continue to be, variants to this worm virus Your computer may also be infected with other viruses, yet this worm virus has made the issue known Please check with your antivirus software manufacturer to obtain the latest updates for your antivirus software, as well as instructions for the removal of all viruses

To help avoid these types of issues in the future, be sure to schedule regular updates for both your antivirus software and Windows critical updates It is also recommended that on a regular basis you make a backup copy of all important data

This document is intended for a computer that is not infected with any other viruses other than this worm virus Gateway technical support does not normally support virus removal or any other virus issue However, since this worm virus widely affects many computer users, we wanted to provide assistance as a courtesy


There are three resolution options available

Note: Follow Resolution #1 first, and then proceed to either Resolution #2 or #3, depending on your antivirus software

Resolution #1: Download and install the Symantec W32.Blaster.Worm Removal Tool

Resolution #2: If you have a current subscription to Norton AntiVirus

Resolution #3: If you do not have a current subscription to Norton AntiVirus

Note: If the computer attempts to shut down, use the following steps to prevent the forced shut down This allows you to complete one of the resolutions without the computer restarting

From the Start menu, click Run

In the Run dialog box, type: shutdown -a Click OK

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Posted by Susan of Mesa Community College on September 30, 2003