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my computer shows that out of 256 RAM there is 107 available but yet programs are closing on thier own and it freezes. when i boot up, the resources run at 70%, but after a while it goes to 58%. i have deleted and deleted and gone to the bare minimum. with 40 GB of hard drive space, should i not be able to run more than one program at once? with running only 1 program, it still closes and i get the message" this program has caused an error and will close"

i have tried reinstalling Windows, deleting everything, disk defragmenting, scan disk, with no results

please help

thank you



This question was answered on December 15, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Your in bad shape with only 256 u need 128 for XP alone your computer cannot support your work when you use programs Also you may have a virus worm or trojen if u get error messages but its mainly your ram 512 is standered and 1gig of ram is for normal home users I say upgrade to more ram as soon as possible you may be having a lot of programs loading up at startup that causes your pc to overload and crash or frezze It's worst if your just reinstalling windows because your making layers on your hd of windows components You need to back-up your work fonts and favorites than format you hd and have a clean install than even with that 256 you should see a big difference but still at least 512 and 1gig and better equals a better performance and you might want to invest on another hd thats double your main hd unit so you can back up and add more things with ease and if you have any problems you can always have your work in a safe place next time yout main hd unit acts up.

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 15, 2003