Who is Blocklist.com?


What do you know about "blocklist.com" which claims to block unwanted faxes?


This question was answered on October 8, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Blocklist.com is a not-for-profit organization located in Pine Valley,

Ontario, Canada and was founded early this year with the sole intention

of reducing consumer and business unwanted faxes.

Blocklist provides a free online mailbox that received filtered faxes

from participating fax broadcast companies Faxes that would normally

go to your fax machine are recognized and re-routed to the web based

mailbox, where consumers can then go to view and delete faxes at their

leisure Broadcasters are able to perform business as usual, confident

that their faxes are still reaching the consumer, but more so that they

are being proactive in fighting fax spamming

While I understand that most consumers do not support an opt-out to

something that they did not opt-in to, this is a solution that will be

more effective than calling individual IVR numbers and hoping that your

requests are not ignored Countless complaints are recieved in regards to

this, concerned consumers stating that they have either been ignored, or

that MORE faxes ended up on their fax machine after calling an IVR

number And while it may seem like you are supporting the fax

broadcasting industry, you are not required to log in to your account or

to view your faxes Blocklist will hold the filtered faxes for up to 30

days, and then they are deleted You don't have to do anything with

them if you don't want to

Here's what happens:

1 You can log on to www.blocklist.com and register to have your faxes

filtered Any broadcast companies that are currently enrolled with

Blocklist will re-route faxes to your online mailbox.

2 When a broadcast company joins Blocklist.com, the "do not fax" list

that they currently have on file becomes part of the Blocklist "do not

fax" list If you are not already a member of Blocklist, but are on

their "do not fax" list, you will now get added to thier list and will

receive a fax notification (one time fax) that you have been added to

our service This fax provides you with a password to log on to

www.blocklist.com and either activate your service or deactivate it

The password provided also allows you to have access to any faxes that

have been filtered.

3 The more broadcast companies that sign up, the less junk fax you

will receive Ultimately, we would like for all broadcast faxes to be

filtered by Blocklist.

4 Your daily business needs will not be interupted by Blocklist.com

We only filter those faxes coming from participating fax broadcasters.

As many of you may know, the FCC has recently invited comments from

concerned parties in regards to this issue They are questioning

whether the rules need to be changed to reflect the goals of the TCPA

(Telephone Consumer Protection Act) Blocklist.com has developed a

petition that will be presented to the FCC later this year requesting

that fax broadcasters be required to utilize a filtering service Any

person who is interested in supporting this petition should visit thier

website at www.blocklist.com.

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on October 8, 2003