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Original Air Date: Oct 3, 2016

Grocery List App

Today’s tip focuses on the ongoing issue that we all deal with on a regular shopping.

If you’re like most families, you use paper lists, text messages, emails or even a chalkboard on the refrigerator and keeping track of what’s on-hand adds to the fun.

The bigger your family unit is, the more complicated the problem becomes, as requests for items to be added to the list comes from everyone, on any day and through any of the potential channels.

If you’re looking to reduce the hassles of keeping everything on track, checkout the Capitan app.

Think of it as a grocery list on steroids that learns what you’re family regularly buys as well as organize the list to come closer to how things are displayed in the grocery store.

You can even use location services on your phone so the app can remind you of the list when you walk into your grocery store as well as alert your family that you just walked into the store should hey need any last minute items.

Checkout this cool app at