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Original Air Date: Nov 29, 2016

Google's Security Dashboard

Google has given us all a boost in the ongoing battle to protect yourself online.

Since it's very likely that you have a Google account of some kind, seeing when and how the account has been accessed is a really good way to check for unusual activity.

Google’s Dashboard for Devices and Activity makes it simple to review the complete list of all the devices or computers that have had access to your account in the last month or so, including devices that are currently logged in.

Whenever possible, they'll include location information as well to assist in determining if the access is from an authorized device.

If you see any suspicious devices or logins, there’s an option to quickly take steps to secure your account by changing the password.

Even if you aren't seeing anything unusual, you should take the extra step of clicking on the ‘Secure your account’ link at the top.

It will review five ways to secure your account including a display of all the apps, websites and devices that currently have access to your account.

The direct link to the Google Security Dashboard is posted at