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Original Air Date: Dec 9, 2016

How To Use Special Characters

Ever wonder how some people on social media or email are able to post those weird series of characters in their messages?

There is nothing on your keyboard that allows you to generate the characters but if you hold down the Alt key and tap on some of the numbers, you’ll start to see how they’re doing it.

For example, holding down the ‘Alt’ key and the number 2 will generate the classic trademark symbol.

There are actually 255 various combinations that you can use, but trying to commit to memory which keys correspond to which number combination is a bit of a stretch.

There are many online resources that have charted each character's number keyboard combo, but there’s a much easier way to make use of special characters.

Just go to this site: and you’ll see all of the special characters and then all you’ll need to do is click on any of them to copy them.

Then you can simply paste them into a Facebook or Twitter post or into an e-mail message or into any just about any program that allows characters.

They even offer their iPhone if you want to use it on the go at