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Original Air Date: Dec 19, 2016

Default Password Mistake

Anyone with a security webcam setup in the home or business, will want to pay particular attention to today’s tip.

There are numerous websites that show live feeds from thousand of compromised webcams from around the world mad possible by a simple but common error made by the webcam’s owners.

They didn't change the default password on the device.

Not only do these sites show the brand as well as the default username, password and live stream of the web cameras, they often include the approximate location too.

Most of these sites claim that they're doing this to educate the public on this common mistake.

You should know that every hacker knows the default username and password for any device you own in your home or business, so leaving them at the default increases your chances of being compromised.

Keep in mind, any device that you can access from outside your home is potentially accessible by unauthorized users especially when you make easy for them.

If you don’t have a clue which devices may be at risk or how to make the changes to the settings, get some help. It’s just too important to ignore this one.