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Original Air Date: Feb 9, 2017

App for Straighter Pictures

The cameras in our smartphones have become our go-to cameras because they are so good, but since they don’t fit in our hands in the same way as our point-&-shoot cameras, we can often end up with crooked pictures.

Trying to take the picture with one hand is what generally causes this problem, because it’s tough to get the phone aligned and tap the shutter at the same time.

You can fix the image that’s off kilter after the fact, but it’s too much work to commit to in most cases, so we just post them crooked.

It can look kind of artistic, but if you are taking too many crooked pictures and want some help, there’s an app for that.

An app called Orient helps you take straight pictures no matter how you are holding your iPhone because it can compensate for just about any angle by using the built-in gyroscope.

You don’t need to pay any attention to how you're holding your phone with the Orient app; just pick an aspect ratio from their options and the app does the rest.

You can align pictures horizontally or vertically and it works with both front or back cameras, so now your selfies will come out straight.