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Original Air Date: Feb 17, 2017

Out Of This World Photo App

If you happen to be sci-fi fan and also love to take pictures with your iPhone, I've got an out of this world app suggestion.

Instead of creating those boring everyday images and using mindless photo editing buttons, the Alien Sky app lets your imagination run wild.

Why keep using common colorization filters to try to make your images pop when you can take them to a whole other level with awesome space effects.

The Alien Sky app lets you create futuristic images by blending in high resolution space images and vivid lens flares to all of your images.

They offer lots of space objects like planets, moons, bright suns, star systems, comets and entire galaxies to really generate conversations on all your social posts.

The app has over 150 effects which gives you complete control over other-worldly customization, allowing you to recreate alien visions and photos that will stop people in their tracks.

Now you can convert those old blasé pictures into fantastic alien-looking photos with this 99 cent app.

The direct link to the Alien Sky app is posted at