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Original Air Date: May 6, 2013

Shopping With Social While Watching TV

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Want to dress like Olivia Pope on Scandal, you like the mens leather jacket from Vampire Diaries?

It’s time to go shopping with this Data Doctors Tech Tip.

We live in a multitasking culture, chatting on social media networks while watching television has become the norm. How many times have you seen SPOILER ALERT?

We love sharing our thoughts in real time about the shows we're watching. And as social media becomes more of a platform for like minded audiences to gather, it's also driving e-commerce.

Almost 90% of U.S. homes own at least one device that can be used as a second screen; and 87% of consumers says they use at least one device while watching television.

OK, so how does that all tie in to dressing like Olivia Pope? There’s an app called Get This. Get this creates a second-screen experience linking purchasable content to the television show you are watching.

Get This works with each show's production staff (producers and stylists), who tell them in advance which items will be featured on each episode. Then when viewers see those items, they pop up on their screens in the app.

The idea is that if you see Olivia Pope wearing a cute dress on Scandal, it pops up on your screen so you can buy it.

An audio-sync button matches to the show and highlights items as they appear on screen.

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