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Original Air Date: Mar 31, 2017

Awesome Movie Making App

The weekend is upon us and I have a fun tip for creating truly memorable videos of your weekend activities.

If you have ever wanted to direct a block-buster special effects action movie, did you know that you can with just your smartphone & an app?

An app called FXGuru is a pretty cool and makes it really easy to create special effects videos out of anything you record on your smartphone.

It includes twelve free effects in the basic program including UFO shuttles, satellites crashing & skeletons dancing with lots of other effects that you can buy for a buck each.

Unlike other movie effect apps I’ve used in the past, the FXGuru app has 'virtual decals’ which show you where on the screen your effect will be used. It makes it much easier to line up the effect when you’re shooting your video.

Your only limitations in awesome movie making this weekend is your own imagination, so if you want to record a UFO invasion in your backyard or blow-up your golf partner on the 18th tee box because he’s beating you, FXGuru can make it happen.

You can download the iPhone or Android version at